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i do believe in new beginnings

I am thrilled to be able to add a new Emotia drawing to my ongoing series! This series is and always has been an evolution of self. It’s shown so many wildly different selves that began in July of 2014, two and a half years ago. Since then, I feel like I’ve gone through so […]

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What an exciting time to be Mary! I’m home from work for a week and a half because I’m getting MARRIED NEXT WEEKEND! And forget wedding planning, I’ve plunged headfirst into creativity and productivity and it is blissful. I got three new YA books when I was at the mall yesterday, and I can barely decide […]

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  I’m pretty excited to have finally finished the first non-100 Days piece of art that I’ve done since I dunno, before the 100 Days started. While I love doing the 100 Days and it’s definitely helped me commit to daily art more, it’s kind of felt like I’ve been pidgeonholed into those drawings. I […]


lol so I’m a bit embarrassed but I’m going to write about my entire thought process behind this drawing anyway. This is not only not my first drawing of this color palette, but it’s not my first sad Myoku drawing, and it’s also not my first featuring Fall Out Boy lyrics. But like, I love […]


HI GUYS! I thought I’d post about what I’ll probably be up to for the next while. I can’t help it and I’d better just admit that wedding planning has completely overtaken my attention. Tonight, I happily crafted my little comic bubbles for my table markers while making my fiance help me. Didn’t even think […]

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I’m pretty excited for this random product. I think I was browsing a generic shoujo blog on Tumblr and saw this tiny gif of someone paint bucketing a pair of shoujo girl eyes black to create a classic manga look. I saw it and I was all OKAY THIS NEVER OCCURRED TO ME, and then […]

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I haven’t had any big serious projects to work on since “For Life,” but I’ve been making digital doodling a fairly regular part of my daily living lately. Here’s a collection of what I’ve kind of finished. When Ryan coined the verbage “Nerd Girl and Big Boobs” for me and my bestie, I couldn’t help […]

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Well, my first full illustration with my new tablet is finally complete~! I think I started working on this the last week in July, and between transitioning into a new job, and fully committing to a rendered, detailed digital painting, this shit took foreeever. It came to me on my drive home in rush hour […]


So today was my Grandma Stewart’s funeral, and it was tearful and emotional and yet made me proud of my family. But in a very bittersweet sort of day, I also decided to use some extra money and my increasingly stable financial situation to UPGRADE my digital art life. With the help in many ways […]

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beep boofday

I’ve been trying to wait till I finish my current digital coloring of a drawing I did during Super Stories this week, but it’s taking forever so I’m going to post what else I have instead. That can be its own damn post. Maybe then I’ll actually shade it too. In light of the murder […]

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  If only it weren’t so perfectly transparent when it’s summertime and I start using pale yellow in ALL my pictures, hah. I bet you my color choices are actually seasonal though. Cool blues or dark reds for winter, warm pale yellows for summer, and sometimes heather pink. It’s teaching season right now and I’m […]


I really didn’t mean to go into blog hiding! It’s just weird when I’m in a graphic novel phase because all my artistic efforts go into pages which obviously get posted at http://cadence.melizabethart.com instead of here, and then I look silent and distant but I’m not. Here are the illustrations I’ve been working on in the last […]